Case Study: Messaging Development and Copywriting

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Custom Software Development Shop Launches First Product

Groznik PR’s expertise and hard work played a vital role in the creation of our product. From
helping name the product to landing our first sale, Brad had his sleeves rolled up and was with us every step of the way.
— Scott Woods, President, West Arete


• Groznik PR consults on new product launch messaging
• Holds dozens of conversations with potential customers to develop messaging and marketing strategy
• Helps land first sale within one month of launch

When West Arete planned to launch its first product, it hired Groznik PR to help develop the messaging and marketing strategy. 

Nearly 200 community foundations host a Giving Day raising hundreds of millions of dollars for local nonprofits each year. West Arete built Contributary—an easy-to-use platform for community foundations to host Giving Days.

By having dozens of conversations with community foundation staffers and Giving Day organizers, we guided West Arete in the messaging development and marketing strategy for Contributary, which resulted in its first sale within one month after the product launch.

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