What One Brewer Can Teach You About Good Communication Strategy

By Brad Groznik

Tröegs is a friendly brand, one that literally invites the community into their brewery to taste their product, tour their facility and hang out in their tasting room. On my first visit one Saturday in February, it was easy to see why so many people were interested in spending a part of their day there. 

Just like the weird dots over the ö, Tröegs embraces its quirky brand. And that would be a problem if it wasn’t reinforced throughout its brewery. How many places can you think of in Central PA where you can have a world-class microbrew while snacking on duck confit? The whole experience is quirky and Tröegs does an incredible job at cultivating that feeling through its communications.

The brand takes advantage of every opportunity to showcase its identity. A simple do not enter sign is given a cheeky spin by asking patrons to “Please Don’t Bother the Beer.” 

Additionally, it offers a self-guided tour where the signs are refreshingly easy to understand. I assume they gave enough traditionally-guided tours to anticipate what their customers want to know most about the complex industrial operation and catered to their customer’s interest level. For the casual tourist, Tröegs offered easy-to-understand infographics and for the brew-heads, there were paragraphs rich with the detailed intricacies that make Tröegs. 

So what can you steal from Tröegs for your own communications strategy?

  1. Understand your brand identity and embrace it through your communications strategy.
  2. Showcase your brand identity by taking advantage of areas where you interact with your customers.
  3. Anticipate your customer’s needs and interests and find ways to cater to them without them having to ask.