How to Write an E-book

By Marcel Evans

How to Write an E-book

This is the year you've decided to take your company's marketing strategy to the next level. You've done your homework and you are determined to engage your audience.

•    Facebook: check
•    Instagram: check
•    Blog posts: holding momentum

But how do you craft an e-book? Learn from my experience.

Know your audience’s language. How do you talk to your clients, your parents or your kids? Your audience will dictate the tone of the conversation and how you communicate. Creating an e-book on predictive maintenance for a reliability engineer or writing an e-book on marketing strategies for first-time entrepreneurs requires a different approach. Speak the language of your audience.

Keep it engaging. Aim for dialogue rather than a lecture. Create analogies; share stories that paint a picture for your reader. 

Avoid “making the sale.” The key here is to engage your audience. Today's consumer is arguably the most well-informed ever and can smell a sales pitch from a mile away. Your focus should be on sharing knowledge or experience. Let the consumer arrive at their own conclusion (and possibly, your sale).

Know your audience’s needs. There are so many forms of media vying for our focus. How do you get your audience's attention? Provide a solution to their need or issue. This also goes a long way in raising your credibility with the reader.  

Your experience provides value. What are some things you wished someone had told you coming into __________ (your business, passion, etc.)? Share your own experience because odds are someone else is struggling with the same.